Wellbeing Budget: We need to change how we see the economy

“The Wellbeing Budget is a first step in changing the way we look at the economy and our place in it”, said Green Party Co-leader Marama Davidson.

“The wellbeing of our people and environment should be at the centre of everything the Government does. I am pleased to see the Government is starting to take this approach for the first time. The economy exists to serve our people and the environment, not the other way around.

“Where we spend money has a huge impact on how people cope in their day to day lives, how well we are protecting our biodiversity and our climate, and whether we are directing our economy towards improving social and environmental wellbeing.

“The Government signalled that uplifting Māori and Pasifika communities was to be a key focus of this year’s Budget. It is great to see the Government reinvesting in Whānau Ora, and a further commitment to strengthen te reo Māori in our communities and schools.

“I am proud of my colleague Jan Logie’s staunch work for people experiencing family and sexual violence in Aotearoa. She has put Māori leadership at the heart of driving this work. This is what we need to see in a ‘Wellbeing’ Budget.

“This Budget is a step toward changing how we view the economy in Aotearoa, but we know a lot more needs to be done to bring in the transformative policies that tangata whenua actually need.

“I would have liked to have seen more recommendations from the Welfare Expert Advisory Group (WEAG) report supported in this Budget, particularly in raising core incomes for people on benefits. We will push to ensure the next Budget delivers on our Confidence and Supply Agreement to overhaul our welfare system.

“The Greens have had a huge influence in changing the way we approach spending. I look forward to continuing to work with the Government to make all of the necessary changes moving forward”, says Marama Davidson.