What was on the table at the dinner, Prime Minister?

John Key must front up to New Zealand and say what he discussed with Donghua Liu when the disgraced businessman paid $25,000 for the Prime Minister to come to dinner at his Remuera home, the Green Party said today.

John Key has this week stepped up his desperate attempt to distance himself from Donghua Liu in the wake of revelations the businessman paid the National Party $25,000 to have the Prime Minister over for dinner.

“John Key is pretending this dinner was inconsequential and that’s why he can’t remember the details of it,” Green Party Co-leader Metiria Turei said.

“That just shows how out of touch he is. Ordinary people would never forget having dinner at a Remuera mansion with a notorious businessman facing domestic violence charges who’d paid $25,000 for the privilege. In fact, we’d probably remember what we ate too.

“Ordinary New Zealanders know full well that the Prime Minister won’t be coming over to their place for dinner and a long chat about ways he could help solve their personal problems.

“John Key has been caught dolling out favours to those with enough cash to pay for them and fudging the truth in a desperate attempt to hide his tracks.

“The onus is now on the Prime Minister to say whether the dinner was a Cabinet Club fundraiser, who Donghua Liu wrote the cheque out to, and what work the Prime Minister committed to undertake as a result of that dinner and that cheque.

“John Key has previously admitted he’d talked with Donghua Liu about relaxing immigration criteria for wealthy migrants. Is that what was on the table that night, during dinner? If so, the public has a right to know,” Mrs Turei said.