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The Arctic is burning. The Amazon is burning. Australia is burning.

Climate change is a problem on a global scale. Sometimes it can be hard to imagine how much impact our choices can really have, and how much of a difference we can make.
But our choices do matter. As communities, and as a country, we have the opportunity to create a safer planet for our kids and grandkids.

It’s not too late. We still have a chance to ensure a safe planet for our kids and grandkids. We are doing good work in government to bring down emissions but we know we need to move further and faster.

Your support is crucial in ensuring that the next generation has a future.
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“If we don’t stand up, who will?”

In March, tens of thousands of children and young people marched across New Zealand to demand urgent action on climate change. Their message was clear – we all must step up and fight for the next generation’s future and for our planet.
Every week we seem to see a new report that reminds us of the serious and urgent need for action on climate. The situation is serious and we don’t have much time. That’s why we need your help more than ever before.

Our children, our native species and our planet depends on you. Please support with a donation. 


Will you help to get the Greens back into government in 2020?

It’s crucial that that we have a strong influential Green Party after the 2020 election. We need to expand on these wins and successes and to ensure that the changes we make will have a positive difference well into the future. We can’t afford for any potential future governments to erode, or reverse, the gains we are making and that you and I know are necessary for our people and our planet.

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Help plant the seeds of hope - September 2018

One small seed won’t bring back the green alone. But with enough seeds together a forest will grow, and with enough people nurturing them, we can change the world.

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Thanks to your support, we’ve made some incredible gains for the environment in the past six months. We’re only going to gain momentum from here.

We rely on people like you – not millionaire bankrolls. You can put us over the top.

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February 2018

We all do need to do our bit. You. Me. Everyone!

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November 2017

James Shaw spoke at the UN Climate Change Conference on 17 November (COP23) and he tells the story of one family impacted the record storms here in New Zealand.

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Protecting New Zealand’s natural landscapes and living treasures.


If you would like to support Jeanette Fitzsimon's appeal for the Green Party's conservation policy and to protect our natural landscapes and living treasures, please click here.