We’re focused on reducing our climate emissions, tackling inequality and protecting healthy nature. A lot has been done in three years but we need to go further and faster. Here’s some of the work we’re most proud of:

Reducing our climate emissions

We’re focused on reducing our climate emissions and building a global consensus on protecting our climate for future generations. We are working hard to support communities through the transition to a low carbon future by providing guidance and resources for communities so we can adapt to rising seas and changing weather patterns.

We’ve achieved a huge amount

  • We’ve banned new offshore oil and gas exploration to make sure fossil fuels stay in the ground.
  • Our Zero Carbon Act has been passed unopposed in Parliament meaning New Zealand is now on a course to net-zero emissions with cross-party support.
  • We’ve completely reprioritised transport planning to boost low carbon options like public transport, alongside new walking and cycling projects worth $1 billion.
  • Innovation and investment to create low-carbon industry is being supported by our Green Investment Fund
  • A sustainable Farming Fund was announced as part of the Wellbeing Budget to deliver crucial support for farmers to innovate and bring their emissions down.
  • All government decisions that have a big impact on carbon emissions will now be checked to make sure they are consistent with our net-zero goals.

Tackling inequality

Everyone should be treated equally, with access to what we need to live a good life. 

In government we've fought to implement policy that ensures everyone gets a fair go and that we reduce the inequality experienced by women, young people and Māori in particular. 

We've achieved a huge amount

  • Incomes for women are increasing through better starting salaries and addressing systemic bias in the public service.
  • A bold new model for addressing family and sexual violence has been introduced. We’ve made changes to protect people from being re-victimised by the justice system, and passed world-first laws to provide leave from work for people experiencing domestic violence.
  • Our mental health pilot that focuses on young people will help support the next generation live strong healthy lives.
  • Drug law reform means young people are no longer instantly made criminals and are instead diverted to health-based support. 
  • Govt support for te reo / Māori language teaching in schools has been boosted with 600 new advocates being introduced to schools.
  • Major housing reforms are underway, to make renting fairer, to restart state house building, and our progressive home ownership policy is being rolled out so that people who rent can get a foothold in to homes they own. 
  • Our landmark report into welfare  has provided a roadmap to overhaul our social support system.

Healthy nature

Nature sustains us and is the basis of all life. 

In Government the Greens have led the way in making sure our precious plants and animals are protected, and our wild places are looked after for future generations. 

We've achieved a huge amount

  • Our increased support for the Department of Conservation has led to the biggest funding increase in decades, meaning more rangers can do more work to protect nature for all of us. 
  • Plastics are being phased out to prevent pollution of our oceans.
  • Major water reforms are underway to end the destruction of freshwater habitats through pollution and over-use of water. 
  • Our no new mines policy has protected conservation land from the effects of mining, such as pollution and the destruction of unique plants and animals.
  • A huge new area of land has been added to the Kahurangi National Park.