As our biggest city, with well-known transport issues, it’s crucial we act now and ensure people living in Auckland can get where they need to; no matter where they live or how much money they have. 

We’ve already seen that if we invest in fast, frequent public transport people will flock to it. Our Future of Transport Plan will take the recent improvements to Auckland’s transport system further, giving Aucklanders more choice to get around and making public transport faster, all while helping our largest growing city transition to a low carbon city.  

Here’s what we’re proposing for Auckland’s Transport Future:

  • We’ll fast-track bus priority measures on seven proposed rapid transit routes to deliver faster, more frequent bus services that can by-pass traffic congestion for most or all of the route

  • We’ll build light rail from the city to Mangere and from the city out to Westgate

  • We’ll create a dedicated busway from Botany to Manukau and the Airport, and from Henderson to Westgate and Constellation

  • We’ll build a second harbour crossing for light rail to Takapuna and Albany

  • We’ll build rapid intercity rail between Auckland to Hamilton, Tauranga, and eventually to Whangārei

  • We’ll create a $1.5 billion Cycle Superhighway fund to provide safe, separated cycleways with the capacity to be used by thousands of people each day

  • We’ll set up a nationwide Go Anywhere transport pass that works on all public transport, car share systems, bike-share systems and e-scooter share systems throughout the city, and
  • We’ll reduce the cost of public transport by making it free for people over 65, under 18, and community services holders and by reducing the cost by 50% for students. 

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