Benefits of Green Membership

As a member of the Green Party you can:


  • Be involved in developing Green Party policy
  • Be part of our election candidate selection and list ranking
  • Vote on key issues, party leadership and other positions

Stay up to date

  • Be posted free copies of Te Awa, the Green Party magazine, including in-depth articles about Green issues, news, book and film reviews and more
  • Subscribe to Green Party email lists to keep up to date with current issues
  • Join the online community
    • Get access to the members-only section of My Greens, the Green volunteer and community website
    • Join party discussions
    • Meet fellow members in your area and with your interests
    • Browse and add to the members' wiki
    • Access the Green Party information archives

So what are you waiting for? Join the Green Party today!

Join the Green Party today online

Join by post - download and print this form to send in.

Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand
PO Box 11-652 
Wellington 6142
New Zealand

Frequently Asked Questions

My partner and I both want to join. Can we have a joint membership?

Membership needs to be individual due to the requirements of the Electoral Act. However, we can set up your memberships so that you only receive one copy of Te Awa (the Green Party magazine). Please email us after Joining the Green Party.

How much does membership cost?

The membership fee is $20 per year or $5 per year for low-waged.

I think my membership has lapsed. How can I renew?

Click here to renew your membership.