With thousands of people we wish to speak with this election, calling is an essential part of the campaign.

Join the rest of the local team for an evening to contact voters in our local area. 

This week we are very lucky to be joined by James Shaw, Green Party Co-leader and MP!!! 

We will also finish calling early to join James and the rest of the campaign team for a beer/drink at a local bar (venue TBC). This event will be open to the public.

Please come early to calling so we can get in plenty of calls before the social event!


We will continue to utilise CallHub, an invaluable platform to enable us to connect with voters.

In this 'Shift the Vote' stage of the campaign, we are focused on identifying our support base, having meaningful interactions with people who share our values.

CallHub streamlines this process, making calling simple for you, whilst reaching the maximum possible audience.


If this is your first time at these recurring events, then full training will be provided, to enable you to represent the Green Party and your vision for a 'Green' future.

You will need: 

  • A laptop (tablet can work if not laptop)
  • Headphones 
  • Access to your email
  • Thats it!


Please RSVP, or contact Oli Aylen for more info: [email protected] 


"All people have the power to make change"