In these sessions we'll get together for a little whakawhanaungatanga and updates on any new policies or resources. Then we'll get straight in to a few solid hours of calling for people who've made calls before, and a training on using Callhub for any newcomers. We come back together for a debrief at the end. 

With CallHub you can make calls any time it's convenient to you, you don't have to attend a group session to do so. However I find it can make calling a bit more fun when you do it in a group, so if you don't have an active Green Party branch or local campaign in your area come along to one of our virtual call parties for a bit of camaraderie and to get some calling in your calendar. 

The most powerful thing you can do is be yourself and have a real conversation with voters.

Who we are calling: supportive voters who have connected with the Green party in the past through potions and campaigns. These are not cold calls.

How we are calling: using an online calling software. This won't use up your phone data or show your number to anyone. All you need is a phone or laptop and a stable internet connection.

Why we are calling: because discussions over the phone are the most efficient way of connecting with people across Aotearoa. Whether they live in a city centre or in the middle of nowhere, we believe in hearing from everyone. Come along for an inspiring night of action where you can make someone's night with a simple conversation over the phone.