Join us online, wherever you are in Aotearoa or around the world to call and connect with voters!

We'll start with training online on how to use our calling software and how to make great calls, then go out and connect with voters before coming back together to debrief. No prior experience is required. 

The most powerful thing you can do is be yourself and have a real conversation with voters.

Who we are calling: supportive voters who have connected with the Green party in the past through potions and campaigns. These are not cold calls.

How we are calling: using an online calling software. This won't use up your phone data or show your number to anyone. All you need is a phone or laptop and a stable internet connection.

Why we are calling: because discussions over the phone are the most efficient way of connecting with people across our Christchurch. Come along for an inspiring night of action where you can make someone's night with a simple conversation over the phone. 

We'll be getting started from 6pm, over Zoom (link is in the email after you RSVP). Feel free to stay just as long as you can.