A brand new Clean Power Payment will help you cover the cost of upgrading your home to run on clean power. It will save you hundreds of dollars on your energy bills every year.

This is a nationwide effort to build a zero-carbon future for our children and grandchildren. And it will all be paid for by our biggest polluters. 

Upgrading our homes will mean they stay warmer and do not rely on dirty fuels, so everyone can come home to a warm place that doesn’t pollute the planet.

Homes in Aotearoa are notoriously cold and draughty. Right now, there are 110,000 households that cannot afford to keep their home warm.  Decades of underinvestment by successive governments means we are spending more money and energy keeping the lights on and our homes warm. 

Good progress has been made through Warmer Kiwi Homes, a long-standing Green Party policy that we have been able to scale up as part of the government. But it’s not enough. Everything we need to upgrade our homes exists. However, most of us do not have thousands of dollars spare to pay for things like solar panels, heat pumps, or double-glazing. 

The Clean Power Payment will help you cover the cost of upgrading your home to run on clean energy, and save you money each month on your power bills.

The Clean Power Payment will provide grants of up to $6,000 to people who own their own home. Grants can be used to cover things like better insulation; replacing fossil-fuel appliances, like gas heaters, with clean alternatives, like heat pumps; and purchasing rooftop solar power.

Different homes will need different solutions, and often the more upgrades that are made, the better. A top up of up to $30,000 will be available through interest free loans to cover the cost of additional zero carbon home upgrades.

Zero carbon upgrades will be tax-deductible for landlords, helping deliver the Green Party’s Pledge to Renters. 

The Clean Power Payment will supercharge a nationwide transition to clean-powered, warm, and fully electrified homes in every part of Aotearoa - and every dollar we need to pay for it will come from the money big polluters pay for their emissions.

The Climate Emergency Response Fund will pay for the Clean Power Payment. This means the price our big polluters pay for their emissions will be recycled straight back into making our homes warmer. 

Together with our Income Guarantee, the Clean Power Payment will give everyone peace of mind they can keep their home comfortable and warm and pay the bills. 

The Clean Power Payment 

The Green Party’s plan will help bring warm homes, good jobs and cheaper energy bills to every part of Aotearoa, helping people to make ends meet and cut climate pollution. 

  • Grants of up to $6,000 to cover the cost of installing solar power and making energy efficient upgrades
  • Interest-free loans of up to $30,000 to cover the cost of additional zero carbon home upgrades, 
  • Tax deductible zero carbon upgrades for rental homes, so both tenants and landlords can benefit from energy efficient homes powered by clean, renewable energy

Our plan will also:

  • Scale up solar on Kainga Ora homes to 30,000 more households in the next three years
  • Expand Warmer Kiwi Homes to cover more zero carbon upgrades such as replacing gas heaters
  • Fund Community Energy providers and by Māori, for Māori, approaches to helping whānau keep their homes warm, dry and maximise their energy savings

Clean Power Payment Summary 

Clean Power Payment Full Policy Document