On July 25th we're launching Our Green Vision for Aotearoa. On July 26th, we're taking our message to people across Aotearoa on the doors and on the phones. 

Over our past Weekends of Action, we’ve worked together to reach out to an incredible 35,000 people. This is what a truly people-powered campaign looks like. But we need you to help us reach thousands moreWill you sign up to volunteer this Sunday?

Don’t worry if you’ve never made calls or door knocked before. It’s easy to get started and we’ll be with you every step of the way. And remember: calling and talking to voters isn’t about answering tough policy questions (that’s what our MPs and candidates are for!) It’s about changing minds and shifting votes through heartfelt conversations about the future we want to see.

With you by our side, there’s no stopping us. 

If you don't see an event near you below, join us at a virtual calling event!

No events yet.