Everyone should be able to go to the dentist when they need to.

But the reality is that far too many Kiwis are forced to put off dentist visits because it's too expensive. An estimated 40 percent of adults in Aotearoa cannot afford dental care. For Māori and Pasifika, the figure is more than 50 percent. 

The Green Party will make dental care free for everyone. Come and hear exactly how on our panel at 7:30pm on Tuesday 29th of August!

In Aotearoa we have enough to make sure everyone has access to the dental care they need to thrive and participate fully in society. We will make that a reality by establishing the New Zealand Dental Service, paid for by a fair tax system.

Come and hear how we can make free annual check-ups and cleanings available to everyone. Need a filling, sealant, or extraction? Under our plan, that’s free too. 

Join MPs Ricardo Menéndez March and Julie Anne Genter in discussion with Sarah Dalton, Executive Director of Association of Salaried Medical Specialists (ASMS), and Miramar dentist Dr Sunjna Harduth as they discuss exactly how we make this vision our reality.