This election will have its challenges. But with 35,000 potential volunteers throughout the country, one thing hasn't changed - our biggest strength, you!

Last election East Coast showed it has volunteers committed to returning the Greens to parliament, and we are ready to support our Green candidates again this year through true people power!

This "Day of Action" is our first major event of the campaign, a day to come together and get in touch with other Green supporters to work for our values and this years election.

Using CallHub, it is much simpler than any calling you may have done in the past, with everything automated and easy to follow. Even if you haven't called before, and are perhaps feeling apprehensive, we urge you to join the day, listen to others, meet the team, and become part of the action

Due to the evolving COVID-19 restrictions we are planning for a virtual event on Zoom.  However, if possible we may also plan a physical event with all health and safety precautions. 

We will be running a full afternoon event, primarily coordinated through Zoom.   If we are able to use a physical venue we will have shifts of callers to ensure physical distancing. Either way you can come and go as you please around your own schedule.

Full training will be provided!

Please RSVP, or contact Ron Elder for more info: [email protected] 


"All people have the power to make change"