New Zealand Eid Day is the bi-annual event bringing together all the Muslim ethnicities in Auckland for a day of joy. Eden Park is hosting the largest celebration in Auckland, and Green Party MPs, candidates, and volunteers are excited to celebrate with our amazing Muslim community. 

This is a public event and all are welcome regardless of faith, ethnicity, gender and age. If you are attending Eid festivities at Eden Park, please feel free to stop by the Green Party stall so we can say hello and hear about the issues that matter most to you in this coming election. If you are able to volunteer some of your time, we would very much appreciate your involvement to help spread the word to Party Vote Green! 

The schedule at Eden Park is as follows:

08:15: Takbeer

09:00: Prayer

09:45-15:30: Main event

We will be engaging with voters from 10am-3pm :)