Our plan will end poverty and make sure everyone has enough to put food on the table, a safe place to call home, and live a decent life - and we’ll pay for it with a fair tax system. 

Ending Poverty Together will introduce a brand new Income Guarantee for every New Zealander. 

It will give everyone peace of mind that we can afford the weekly shop, pay the rent, or cover unexpected costs.  

The Income Guarantee will lift every family out of poverty, paid for by fairer tax rules so the wealthiest 1% contribute more, while those on the lower and middle incomes pay receive a tax cut. 

Aotearoa is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. But right now thousands of children are going to bed hungry. Families are struggling to pay the rent or mortgage and keep their homes warm. Students are forced to skip meals to make ends meet. 

The money we need to lift every family out of poverty is already there. But successive governments have decided not to use it. This is a political choice. 

The time is now for a Government that will collect the tax resources we need from those able to pay and allocate that money where it’s needed most. 

Ending Poverty Together guarantees everyone in and out of work will have a weekly income of at least $385 per week, with extra support for those who need it. 

For couples, our Income Guarantee will be at least $770, and a single parent will always have an income of at least $735.

It means support for students and people out of work, extra help if you’re sick or disabled, and simple payments for families so all kids can thrive.

Our plan means peace of mind that we can all afford life’s essentials, and provide for ourselves and our families – even when times are tough.

A new Income Guarantee to give everyone in and out of work the peace of mind that they can always cover life’s essentials. Paid for with a fair tax system.



The Income Guarantee

The Green Party will guarantee a decent income for all. It works by making sure everyone - whether they are in or out of work - has an income of at least $385 per week. 

  • If you are looking for work or studying, the Income Guarantee means you will receive $385 every week, with an extra $135 each week if you are caring for kids at home on your own. 
  • A family top up of $215 every week for the first child, and $135 a week for every other child, with an extra $140 a week for every child under three years. If you’re out of work, this family top up will be provided in addition to the payment above.
  • If you are in work, the abatement threshold for this family top-up will be $60,000 so you can earn more from paid work before your top-up starts being reduced.
  • We will introduce a new tax-free threshold, so no one has to pay tax on the first $10,000 of their income. This will allow you to keep more of your income.
  • We will transform ACC into an Agency of Comprehensive Care so if you do have to stop working because of a health condition or disability, you will receive a minimum payment of 80% of the full-time minimum wage. This ensures income security and health needs are put first.

Simple changes to the tax rules will unlock the resources all of us need to thrive:

  • A 2.5% Wealth Tax on net assets - things like properties or shares - worth more than $2 million (minus mortgages and other debt), which will be applied on an individual basis.
  • A Trust Tax of 1.5% so people cannot just move their money into a trust to avoid the Wealth Tax
  • A new top rate of income tax of 45% on income over $180,000, so the top earners contribute more, while those earning under $125,000 will pay less.
  • A new corporate tax rate of 33%, returning corporate tax to what it was before National came into government in 2008.

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