In Aotearoa, there is enough to go around.

Our tax system, alongside income support, should support a fair distribution of resources so everyone can live with dignity. 

Successive governments have failed to ensure we have a fair tax system, which in turn means there is not enough revenue to provide the standard of public services New Zealanders deserve.

Read our detailed Excess Profits Tax Discussion Document

The Green Party has led the debate in Aotearoa on a fairer tax system. This discussion document continues that commitment to pushing for progressive, fair taxation by exploring the potential of an “excess profits” tax. These types of taxes have historically been used in New Zealand and are currently used overseas as part of the response to aspects of global inflation, particularly the high fossil fuel prices caused by the war in Ukraine. 

 The aim of excess profits taxes is to level the playing field, so that big businesses are not able to profit to excess when so many people are struggling. They also generate revenue which can be used to support those on low incomes with the rising cost of essentials like food and rent.

Read our detailed Excess Profits Tax Discussion Document


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