A fairer and safer world

The Green Party will be a global voice for strong action on climate change, human rights, peace and justice, and fair trading rules that protect people and planet.

A better world is possible, and we have everything we need to create it. But it is only through collective action and shared commitments that we can rise to the challenge.

The Green Party will make sure Aotearoa always stands up for what’s right on the world stage. We will find solutions to support communities facing conflict, the loss of nature, human rights abuses, and the worsening impacts of climate change.

We will push to make sure the response to the climate crisis is inclusive and supportive of indigenous peoples’ leadership. And we will work with our Pacific neighbours to push for action that creates a low carbon, safer, more just world.

The Greens will take an independent and principled approach to foreign affairs that sees Aotearoa leading the world on climate action, nature protection, and indigenous and human rights.

Our plan

  • Maintain an independent foreign policy for Aotearoa, ensuring that Aotearoa stands against human rights abuses wherever they occur, and upholds peace.
  • Focus New Zealand’s defence policy on climate change responses, humanitarian responses, and environmental monitoring.
  • Oppose New Zealand participating in the AUKUS alliance.
  • Implement the Trade For All agenda, including democratic scrutiny of trade agreements, and enforceable recognition of our Te Tiriti o Waitangi obligations, workers rights, human rights and climate commitments.
  • Support Pacific sovereignty and independence by opposing militarisation of the Pacific.
  • Urgently progress climate change initiatives through international institutions. In particular, complete the Agreement on Climate Change Trade and Sustainability, and negotiate an international approach to climate border adjustments.
  • Call on the Government of Aotearoa to formally recognise Palestine as a state.
  • Stand with decolonisation movements globally, in particular with indigenous peoples of our Asia Pacific region.

You can find our full manifesto here.