Right now, all over our beautiful planet, people are raising their voices for equality and for nature. There has never been a more crucial time to join our Green movement.

When I stood for Parliament three years ago, it was to build human rights and climate action in our broken systems. We have made a strong start, but we desperately need to go further and faster. We know that our people and planet can’t afford incremental change.

What I learned when I became Aotearoa New Zealand’s first ever "Refugee MP" in 2017 and later when I spoke openly about living with Multiple Sclerosis, is that representation matters. It matters that our most marginalised communities, minorities, and women, have a strong voice on all issues in our shared House of Representatives.

What makes me so proud to stand in Mt Roskill as a Green, is that our movement stands for inclusion, for fairness, and climate justice. It is with your support that we can bring this change to our next Government.

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