Green Party Ministers open diaries to public

The Green Party is today fulfilling the commitment to proactively release its Ministers’ and Under-Secretary’s diaries as an important part of the party’s transparency policy.

“We have always strived to make politics honest, transparent, open and accessible for everyone. Now we’re part of Government, we’re opening up our Ministers’ diaries,” said Green Party Co-leader and Minister James Shaw.

“The influence of lobbying and unequal access to politicians is unhealthy in New Zealand politics.”

“We want the public to have more information about our work so we can be held to account and people can learn more about what we are doing in our official capacities.”

Today’s release is the first since the policy was announced and covers the April to June 2018 quarter. The information includes meetings with external people or organisations on ministerial business. It does not include attendance at public events or personal/party political events.

“Our Ministers – myself, Julie Anne Genter and Eugenie Sage – and our Under-Secretary Jan Logie meet with a wide range of people and groups,” said Mr Shaw.

“That’s an important part of being in government and making sure we understand a range of perspectives, communicate our point of view, and build support for the bold policies we’re pursuing.”

The Confidence and Supply agreement between Labour and the Green Party includes a commitment to strengthen New Zealand’s democracy by increasing public participation, openness, and transparency around official information. The Green Party has also previously made a commitment that when MPs receive invitations to events, lunches and the like, they must be paid for.

Other work underway in this area includes Chlöe Swarbrick’s Election Access Fund Bill, which would remove barriers to people with disabilities running as candidates in general election.

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