Green Party deeply concerned space launches may be breaching nuclear-free laws

The Green Party is deeply concerned that space launches by Rocket Lab may be breaching New Zealand’s long-standing nuclear-free position and legislation.

“The Government has a responsibility to make sure technologies sent into orbit from New Zealand soil do not assist other countries' armies to wage war – the Government must explain why it has not implemented advice from its own advisory group about potential breaches of our nuclear-free laws,” says Green spokesperson for Security & Intelligence Teanau Tuiono.

“New Zealand’s historic nuclear-free stance and strong commitment to non-proliferation are critical to our independent foreign policy, which we must not compromise in the name of economic development.

“We are also concerned mana whenua continue to be left out of the technical review of the outer space legislation, especially since military payloads are being launched on Mahia whenua.

“Unfortunately our outer space legislation has so many gaps and grey areas foreign military powers are literally launching rockets through it, while the Government turns a blind eye to concerns from its own advisors.

“We can address this and affirm our nuclear-free stance – my Members’ Bill in the ballot would prohibit the launch of all military hardware from Aotearoa New Zealand’s shores.

“I’d welcome the Government picking up my Bill as part of its review of the Outer Space and High-altitude Activities Act.”


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