Greens celebrate rent reforms

The Green Party is celebrating the passing of the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill, calling it a win for people who rent.

Green Party Co-leader and Housing Spokesperson Marama Davidson said today:

“Whether we rent or own, we all have a right to live in a warm, dry and affordable home. This is what we’ve pushed hard for during our term in Government.

“Previous Governments’ decisions have resulted in a huge power imbalance between tenants and landlords, and have left many people living in precarious situations in unsafe homes.

“This change goes a long way to make renting fairer for both parties, and levels the playing field so people feel secure in their homes. 

“In particular, the removal of no-cause terminations will come as a huge relief to families who rent. We all deserve to be able to put down roots, but the fear of being kicked out on short notice means many families were having to live with the constant threat of eviction.   

“Limiting rent increases to once every 12 months will also be welcomed by families who we know are struggling to afford increasingly high rents.

“The Greens know we must go further and faster to keep improving the rental system in Aotearoa and will continue to push for structural change in the sector.” 

The Green Party is also welcoming an addition to the Bill which means victims of family violence can end a tenancy with two days’ notice.

The Green Party’s Social Development Spokesperson Jan Logie said today:

“We’re really pleased to be able to remove a barrier to safety for people affected by family violence.

“People bravely leaving violent situations should be supported to do so, and shouldn’t have to jump through stressful legal hoops to get out of a dangerous living situation.

“This important change will help keep families safe. I’m proud to be part of a Government focussed on ending family violence.”

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