From the Whau river, to the foothills of the Waitākere Ranges, the Kelston Electorate is a vibrant, diverse, and changing community.

The recent government funding to complete another section of the Te Whau Pathway will be a great benefit to the community, alongside the increase in social and affordable housing.

But we need more – we need better protections for our urban ngāhere (forest), for our awa, and the life that live in both. We need more and better, and more affordable, housing. We need Greens in government.

As a socialist and an environmentalist, I believe that the crises we face in housing, inequality, climate change, and biodiversity loss, are all interconnected. Green Party kaupapa recognises this relationship and our policies are designed to ensure that both people and planet can prosper.

I’m an architect, small business owner, and an educator. New housing needn’t come at the expense of the environment, and I love that the Homes for All policy works to improve our built environment at the same time as increasing affordability and access.

I am proud that unions across NZ support Green Party polices for workers, and I know that our policy is the best for small business owners as well.

Our Green Vision for Aotearoa sets out a plan for a more inclusive and sustainable future for all people in Aotearoa, and I am excited by the potential for change.

Think Ahead, and Party Vote Green