I enjoyed a typical kiwi upbringing, outdoors and on the water. After a 5 years stint in Australia, I returned and undertook a degree in Chinese, which ultimately led to a remarkable decade of life in China where I took immense pride in fostering markets for our exports and opening cafes.

For the past six years, I've called Tauranga home with my wife and daughter. Along with exporting Manuka honey, my new venture is promoting electric mobility products and converting fossil fuel vehicles to electric.

The Green Party’s values have always resonated for me but returning to Aotearoa revealed a stark contrast between the pristine image we project globally and the reality on the ground. The deteriorating state of our precious waters, unsustainable agricultural practices and an unsettling wealth gap have ignited a resolute drive to do what I can to ensure that future generations can have the kind of idyllic upbringing that I enjoyed.

I am standing for the Tauranga electorate to promote the Green Party’s visionary policies and contribute to our collective endeavour for a genuinely clean and green future. Together, we can build a better tomorrow—one where the environment thrives and every citizen flourishes.

Contact: [email protected]