We have over 35,000 people across the country waiting to get involved in our campaign - let's get them mobilised to secure Green Party votes! 

During this session you'll:

  • Learn how to login to our callhub (calling software) as a leader, so you can give permission to others to make calls.
  • Learn how to train others to have great conversations with potential voters! 
  • Learn how to hold an event via zoom or in person where you bring a team together to hold a calling event where multiple people can make calls with you! 

What you need for this training session

  • Access to a computer and an internet connection
  • A caring disposition

Join the training via zoom here: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/5624215662?pwd=bDFkc3RGZHdUZW9LcEZUZVFlUVBLUT09