My position on Waiheke public transport

Public transport should be run in a way that serves the public interest, and Waiheke is no different. Good public transport is crucial for reducing climate pollution and connecting our communities.

I was stoked to help launch the roll-out of electric buses on Waiheke in November 2020 – my first official act as local MP!  Now we need to ensure we have frequent services that connect up well with ferries that are run for the public good, meeting local needs.  There is currently a review of the Public Transport Operating Model (the rules that govern how public transport services are owned and operated), which I’ve already had many conversations with the Minister of Transport about. Currently, the Waiheke ferry is exempt from these rules, meaning it runs purely on a for-profit model, which can often allow rationalisation of decisions that deprioritise commuters and locals.  I am working for a more reliable service that is run in the interests of the local people of Waiheke.

I’ve also spent time meeting and working with the Ministers of Transport and Climate Change, Fullers, and others, to see how we can get clean, electric ferries on the harbour as soon as possible.