Everyone deserves an affordable, healthy place to call home – a place to rest, to share with loved ones, to build a life, or to watch our kids grow up.

The Pledge to Renters is a simple and enforceable set of rules that will finally level the playing field for people who rent. 

Rent Controls will limit the amount your landlord can increase your rent each year and every rental home will have to pass a Warrant of Fitness, giving you peace of mind it is safe and healthy.

Our Pledge to Renters

Fair, affordable rent
Warm, dry, healthy homes
Simple and enforceable rules 


Far too many of the 1.4 million people who rent in Aotearoa are forced to live with the constant stress of not knowing whether or not they will be able to pay the rent. Thousands are forced to pay through the roof to live in cold, damp, and unhealthy homes that are making them sick and lock them in poverty.  

Right now, the rental market more closely resembles a game of monopoly than a public good - and it’s landlords who hold all the cards. This didn’t happen by accident. For decades, governments have made rules to prioritise those who own property and failed to protect people who rent.

The time is now for a Government that will show the political leadership necessary to make renting a home better for everyone. 

The Green Party will put the interests of people before those of investment landlords, and build the high-quality, warm, affordable homes we need.

Together, with the Green Party’s Income Guarantee, the Pledge to Renters will end poverty in Aotearoa. 

The Green Party’s Pledge to Renters will ensure everyone has a safe, healthy, and affordable place to make their own


Our Pledge to Renters 

The Green Party’s Pledge to Renters is a commitment to everyone who rents that they will always have a warm, dry, and affordable place to call home. 

  • Rent Controls will put a limit on how much your landlord can increase your rent each year, giving you peace of mind that you’ll always have enough to pay the bills
  • A Rental Warrant of Fitness will guarantee all rental homes are safe, warm and healthy to live in
  • We will build more affordable, environmentally friendly homes in the places where people want to live 
  • We will make warm, safe, dry, affordable homes more accessible to people and whānau by removing funding and regulatory barriers for not-for-profit community housing projects
  • We will ensure people living on the lowest incomes have a warm, safe place to put down roots by accelerating the public building programme
  • A national register of all landlords and property managers will show how many properties are rented, who owns them, how much rent is charged over time, and compliance with the Rental Warrant of Fitness.

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