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Overseas Greens

Join an overseas branch of the Greens

Do you live in London, Sydney or Melbourne? You can join an overseas branch of the Greens in these cities!

London Greens

Check out their blog  
Email them 
Join them on facebook
Follow them on Twitter @KiwiGreensUK

For any other overseas branch, or to set up an overseas branch of the Greens, then contact the International secretary.

Join the London, Sydney or Melbourne groups on My Greens - check out the Groups and click 'Join'.  It is easy to create a new account.  Or if you've forgotten your password just ask for a new password.

Have friends in New Zealand?

We have lots of great branches spread around all corners of New Zealand, and they could always use with some more help. Invite them to sign up for email news.

How can I be kept informed about the Greens from overseas?

Subscribe to e-news, including GreenWeek, the weekly e-news from the Green Party Parliamentary team. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and by RSS.

Find out what our brilliant MPs are up to on the Frogblog.

The Global Greens network

 Visit the Global Greens partnership for Green parties and political movements in other countries to get involved with.

Find websites for Green Parties in other countries

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