Aotearoa is home, no matter where in the world you live. One million New Zealanders live overseas and the Green Party is asking for your vote now to help create a fairer, cleaner and healthier society we can all be proud of.

Most New Zealanders overseas can vote, and every vote for the Green Party means more influence in government. We will push the government to do more to reduce poverty in New Zealand, protect our natural resources and make more meaningful progress on climate justice.

The Greens have outstanding candidates who will drive further progressive change for your whānau and friends, and for you as a New Zealander. We want a community that treats everyone with respect and we can all be proud to call home.

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The New Zealand General Election is on October 17, 2020. Most New Zealanders living overseas can vote up to 7 pm on October 17, NZT.

You can enrol and vote from overseas if all the following statements are true

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You are 18 years or older
on October 17, 2020, NZT.

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You’ve lived in New Zealand for more than 12 months continuously at some time in your life.

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You are a New Zealand citizen who has visited New Zealand in the last three years, or a New Zealand permanent resident who's visited New Zealand once in the last year.

First, check if you’re enrolled. Your address will probably be your last permanent address in New Zealand. If you have voted at any point in the past you will be on the roll - try a few addresses and see if any match. You can do this now!

If you need to enrol for the first time, you can do that with your NZ passport or driver's license

International voting is open now

You can download your voting papers and upload them online (print, sign, and scan or photograph), fax them or post them to your nearest overseas voting place.

If you don't have access to a printer or are on the unpublished roll, the Electoral Commission can help you receive your voting papers. Please contact them on [email protected] for further assistance or questions. Full information can be found here. In some countries you can vote at an overseas polling place - check closer to the time to see what is an option for you.

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