A strong connection between Aotearoa and Tagata Moana.

The Green Party will support Pacific people, communities, and cultures to thrive.

Aotearoa is part of a whānau of Pacific nations. Te Moana-nui-akiwa connects us, and the history of Aotearoa is woven into the history of the Pacific.

Successive governments have a poor track-record when it comes to supporting Pasifika communities. Current visa rules make it hard for Pasifika people to visit their family here in Aotearoa, and many Pasifika peoples who travel here for work are exploited. Many Pasifika people are also locked out from buying a home, cannot access the health care they need, and are disproportionately in lower-paying work.

The Green Party helped secure a long overdue apology from the government for the Dawn Raids, and has continued to push to improve incomes, housing, education, and health outcomes for tagata Pasifika. We have also fought to protect the health of Te Moana-nui-a-kiwa from mining by large corporations, and significantly increased support to help Pacific nations adapt to the effects of the climate crisis.

The time is now to take action to strengthen the family, community and cultural connections between Pasifika peoples living in Aotearoa and the islands. We will support the indigenous responses of all Pasifika communities and peoples on climate change.

Our plan

  • Resource Tagata Moana leadership on climate action within Aotearoa, and affirm and support calls by Pacific Island nations for stronger climate action in international negotiations.
  • Repeal the Citizenship (Western Samoa) Act 1982, to uphold the rights of Sāmoans born between 1920 and 1948 to gain New Zealand citizenship.
  • Replace the Recognised Seasonal Employer scheme with an alternative that gives Pasifika workers access to fair wages, housing, and essential services, and provides for open work rights rather than being tied to a single employer.
  • Ensure the Kāinga Ora build programme delivers housing for multi-generational families, and supports Pacific peoples to remain in established communities, while enhancing access to public transport and other public amenities.
  • Support the independence of West Papua: Call for an indigenous lead, human-rights investigation and a visit from the UN Human Rights Commissioner.
  • Support Pacific Island states with their marine protection initiatives, including by increasing funding support for the South Pacific Regional Environment Programme, and supporting marine protected areas in the Pacific Ocean under the High Seas Treaty.

You can find our full manifesto here.