Review of CYFS investigation into Roastbusters raises further questions of trust

The review of Child, Youth, and Family’s (CYFS) involvement and investigations into the Roastbusters case has raised further questions about whether New Zealanders can trust those meant to protect our vulnerable members of society, the Green Party said today.

“New Zealanders should be able to go to the police and to CYFS and trust that their complaints will be taken seriously. That is the foundation of a safe society, ” said Green Party Women’s spokesperson Jan Logie.

“It’s pleasing to see that this report, unlike the Independent Police Conduct Authority review,  seems to have considered the systemic issues and the response will be organisation wide.

“I hope that the implementation of the recommendations will be fully resourced and done so quickly because we need to ensure that our protective systems are strong.

“Putting children, and their protection, at the centre of our protective systems is key to getting it right and looking after our vulnerable children.

“We have had too many reports over too many years telling us of structural failures in our protective and justice systems.

“CYFS workers need time to create strong personal relationships with young people. This time is so important for quality and professional care and at the moment we know that this is not happening.

“Issues such as enough time with clients, information sharing, putting children first, and regaining trust in Government agencies require more funding than this Government is choosing to provide these services.

“Information sharing among agencies needs to be carefully balanced against the privacy rights of people who are laying complaints to ensure they feel confident in reporting.

“The rising demands on CYFS social workers is well documented, and these changes need to be driven from the top with more staff able to work directly with young people,” Ms Logie said. 

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