I’m asking for two ticks Green in Mt Albert! 

As a first term MP, I’ve demonstrated tireless and committed advocacy for our communities, especially people traditionally neglected by those in positions of power. I’ve worked alongside constituents and communities to make a positive, tangible difference to their lives. I’ve pushed for, and successfully secured, increases to benefit payments and prevented the deportation of migrant constituents who we know contribute immensely to our collective social, cultural and economic wellbeing. In my short time in Parliament, I’ve demonstrated a dogged commitment to pushing for the progressive change our people and our planet need.

Now it’s my time to step up and become the unwavering, committed local MP that Mt Albert deserves.

I am thrilled to be standing for the seat of Mt Albert. For decades Mt Albert has been a safe haven for Labour Party leaders who are inevitably occupied in Wellington. It’s long overdue for Mt Albert constituents to have a local MP who will have their boots on the ground in the electorate and will take the concerns of the community to Parliament. Finally we have an opportunity to elect an effective and committed Green MP for Mt Albert who will work closely with Chlöe Swarbrick and other Auckland-based Green MPs to deliver for its people.

It’s time for a change. I need your help to deliver the grassroots, people-powered campaign that will lock in the political leadership needed in Mt Albert.

I know that the people of Mt Albert share our desires for action on climate change, free and reliable public transport, affordable housing and a thriving local arts and hospitality scene. They want an MP who will be unwavering and unapologetic while advocating for the local issues on their doorstep as well as pressing global challenges that the Greens hold the solutions for. 

This campaign isn’t going to be a walk in the park. That’s why I’m counting on you. I need your help to run the campaign that Mt Albert deserves. We’re going to need the whole team on board to get the job done.

Join the movement! Sign up to volunteer!

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Help us to bring Green solutions to the people of Mt Albert.

Every dollar helps us to campaign harder for our shared Green vision in Mt Albert. To win hearts and minds, we’re going to need to get our message out there to as many people in our electorate as possible. 

Your support today will go directly to my campaign so we can do more advertising, hire staff, and build our flaxroots movement. 

We have an economic system that continues to concentrate wealth for the few, leaving the many in the dark. This system exploits people and nature, and has fuelled the climate crisis. We can change this system. We know there are practical solutions. We know that more Green MPs, and more Green electorate MPs, makes a difference. 

Please donate today. 


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