Salvation Army report shows core benefit must raise: Green Party

The Green Party are calling for an increase to the core benefit following the Salvation Army’s State of the Nation report that shows growing inequality in New Zealand.

“New Zealanders are compassionate and understand that everyone should be able to thrive in their communities, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or postcode”, Green Party Co-leader Marama Davidson said today.

“But successive Governments have allowed for the erosion of incomes and our social safety net.

“Now New Zealanders trying to find work – particularly single mums and people with poor health – are doing it really tough. This report echoes that the core benefit is simply not enough to provide proper help.  

“The Green Party will continue to work with our Government partners to increase the core benefit.

“This will mean everyone is part of a community where they can flourish. Communities are empowered to help one another, with Government support that allows all of us to live with dignity”.




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