Kia ora koutou. Throughout my life I have held a strong connection with the environment. I truly believe we can create a healthy thriving environment and a sustainable fair society where we value each other and the Earth. I have worked in the television industry for the last 25 years as a creative content producer, writer, director and camera operator. This election I’m stepping up as a candidate in the Te Atatū Electorate to support the Green Party vote in West Auckland.

The Greens have an incredible list of talented candidates and we need as many of them as possible in our next Government.

Why is this important?

This decade may be the last window of opportunity we have to take effective climate action. Science tell us we have to dramatically lower our carbon footprint by 2030 to avoid natural tipping points that will lead to catastrophic outcomes. We must to do this in a way that ensures the wellbeing of people at the same time. COVID-19 has hit our community and economy hard, and it has also shown us that dramatic and urgent change is possible. We can use this situation to re-examine our values of kindness and compassion and reset our future. Our communities, businesses, and economy all exist within our environment. Everything is connected, and we can all work together to ensure our communities thrive.

The Green Party is the only political party that takes these issues seriously.

Mō tātau, ā, mō kā uri ā muri ake nei (for us and our children after us)

We need to think ahead; not only for ourselves, but for the generations to come.

The next term of Government will only deliver more on climate, more on reducing the gap between the rich and the poor, and more on protecting our precious natural environment, if the Greens are a part of it.

Party Vote Green