State care compensation cases need prompt resolution

Resolving state care compensation cases in a just and prompt manner should be a priority for the Ministry of Social Development (MSD), the Green Party said today.

It has been revealed today that MSD has withheld people’s personal information that they need to help resolve historical abuse compensation cases.

“Not only is MSD denying personal information to people abused in state care which they are legally entitled to, it is also making unfair low-ball offers of compensation. We understand people are feeling pressured to accept these less than adequate offers,” Green Party social development spokesperson Jan Logie said today.

“Terrible abuses occurred in state care, and the people who experienced that deserve timely justice and due compensation.

“Ninety-nine outstanding requests for records from the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) for potential compensation for abuse in state care show a disregard for due process for people who deserve better.

“There are ongoing issues within the Ministry’s failure to comply with the law, and taking advantage of the people it is meant to protect. This needs urgent Ministerial intervention.

“The Government needs to prioritise the resolution of these abuse and compensation claims and stop putting the Government’s short term fiscal bottom line ahead of people’s legal rights.

“The Government also needs to ensure that state care today is not further abusing kids. The recent report into CYFS called for an independent children’s advocate, and today this unfortunately reinforces this.

“The Government needs to prioritise the resolution of these abuse and compensation claims.

“Victims deserve real justice, and a Government that takes responsibility for its previous failings in providing state care,” Ms Logie said.

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