Healthy and affordable transport for all

The Green Party will invest in clean, affordable transport that makes it easy for everyone to get around.

Our towns and cities can be places where everyone can move around using affordable, climate-friendly buses and trains, by bike, or walking.

Aotearoa was once a country with frequent, affordable bus and train services joined up right across the country - even to very rural areas. We can reconnect our communities and safeguard our climate. All it takes is political will.

For decades, successive governments have failed to plan ahead and meet the demands of our growing communities. Rather than investing in buses, trains and bike lanes, central and local government has designed our communities to work best for cars. Now our streets don’t work well for anyone, even people who drive.

A range of Green Party solutions are already making a difference, such as: the Clean Car Discount; building more routes for people to walk or use a bike safely, and investment in regional rail. We have also secured investment in a new fleet of trains in the lower North Island, free bus and train travel for under 12s, and half price for Total Mobility Passengers.

These solutions have made it easier and more affordable for people to get around in ways that help protect people and the planet. But much more must be done. Our plan will create many more options for people to ride their bikes, walk, and take buses and trains.

The time is now to create affordable, inclusive, and climate-friendly transport options that work for everyone.

Our plan

  • Transform public transport networks, including building light rail in Auckland and Wellington, and providing comprehensive bus lanes in all cities.
  • Invest in nationwide rapid rail for passengers and freight, to connect regions and major cities, and contribute to economic development, and decarbonisation.
  • Increase the accessibility of e-bikes for people on low incomes by rolling out community hire schemes through marae, community centres, and educational institutes, together with targeted subsidies.
  • Extend Community Connect to provide free fares for students and apprentices, community service card holders, everyone under 18, and all Total Mobility card holders.
  • Enable the direct provision of public transport, services by regional councils, by replacing the Public Transport Operating Model.
  • Create safe walking and biking routes for every school through more pedestrian crossings, and lower speed limits near schools.
  • Require road and street maintenance projects to consider improvements to active and public transport infrastructure, such as cycleways and busways.

You can find our full manifesto here