Liveable, climate-resilient communities

The Green Party will create vibrant, climate resilient, accessible cities and towns.

Our towns and cities can be places where people and nature thrive, with affordable homes, low-emissions transport, and vibrant green spaces.

Successive governments have failed to plan our urban environments in ways that enable new homes to be built, that support low-carbon travel options.

The Green Party knows that we need to rethink how our towns and cities are designed - and who they are designed for.

Our plan will build strong communities and well-planned neighbourhoods. We will ensure more affordable, climate-resilient homes are built in areas with existing community facilities, with easy access to public transport, cycling and walking routes, and green spaces.

Most of us want the same thing: a safe walk to school for kids, mature trees shading us on streets that are designed for people; a sense of belonging; and pride in our shared place that reflects who we are. The time is now to make our communities healthier, happier, and more vibrant.

Our plan

  • Ensure the National Planning Framework and spatial planning provides for walkable cities with urban green space, active transport corridors, mixed-use development, watersensitive design, and green infrastructure; enabling more homes to be provided within the existing urban area with density done well.
  • Ensure tangata whenua have a strong voice in the planning framework, including formal recognition of rāhui and incorporating mātauranga Māori understanding of flooding risk and other natural hazards.
  • Introduce development bonuses to provide an extra one third height allowance beyond underlying planning provisions, for buildings that meet high standards of energy efficiency and accessibility.
  • Enable a value uplift levy on land close to rapid public transport links, to recognise the increase in land value from public transport investment.
  • Ensure planning frameworks protect urban trees and greenbelts, including through canopy cover targets at regional and city level.

You can find our full manifesto here