Congestion Free Wellington


Our Future of Transport Plan includes a comprehensive plan to really get Wellington moving, while reducing our dependence on cars and helping move our Capital to become zero carbon.

With the once in a lifetime opportunity we have right now, we can make healthier, vibrant communities a reality while tackling the climate crisis and rebuilding the economy after the COVID-19 pandemic. By making smart decisions now, we can deliver truly fast, frequent, low-carbon transport alternatives that help put Wellington on the path to net-zero emissions by 2050.

Here’s what we’re proposing for Wellington:

  • We’ll create light rail from the railway station to Newtown, then through the hill by the Zoo, to Kilbirnie, and out to the airport

  • We’ll set up bus priority routes across the region to reduce trip times

  • We’ll build a new dedicated walking and cycling tunnel parallel to the existing Mt Victoria car tunnel

  • We’ll set up a contestable $1.5 billion Cycle Superhighway fund to provide safe, separated cycleways. In the Wellington region, some potential projects for these superhighways could include Southern Cycle Highway connecting Berhampore, Newtown, and the CBD, or an Eastern Cycle Highway connecting the eastern suburbs to the CBD by completing the waterfront cycleway

  • We’ll invest in large scale, rapid, intercity passenger rail between Wellington and Palmerston North, and Wellington and Masterton

  • We’ll set up a nationwide Go Anywhere transport pass that works on all public transport, car share systems, bike share systems and e-scooter share systems throughout the city

  • We’ll reduce the cost of public transport by making it free for people over 65, under 18 and community services holders, by reducing the cost by 50% for students, and by setting up weekly payment limits - so no one pays for more than eight rides a week.

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