COVID-19 has changed everything. Together, we’re doing a fantastic job at keeping it out of our community. And we should all be proud. The pandemic has affected all of us, but not equally.

This election will shape the direction our country takes. The next government will decide whether or not communities have what they need, and will determine what the future looks like for our grandchildren and their grandchildren.

This is a time for community, unity and decisive action.

Join Marama Davidson and James Shaw to hear the Green Party’s plan to kick-start a truly future-proof, sustainable recovery from COVID-19. Hear what we’ll push for in the next term of Government to build back better. 

We’re thinking ahead to ensure your grandchildren have a stable planet to live on and can enjoy our precious environment. We’re acting now to overhaul the social safety net so it’s fit for purpose, to ensure we all have warm and secure housing, and to stand up for working people including those who went to work when the rest of us were told to stay away.

* Please note that while we are at Level 1 you’ll be asked to sign in to this event. Doors will be open from 5:45pm. Please do not attend if you feel even slightly unwell.