We've got a massive doorknocking weekend coming up and we want to connect the best way we know how, with a feed before heading out into the community together.
Come fuel up at BGI from 10am-11am. We'll have kai and kawhe for you to start your day strong, and it gives you the chance to meet other volunteers and get hyped up for our biggest day of doorknocking yet.
What do you bring?
Yourself! And some decent shoes to walk around the neighbourhood for the day. We've got everything else covered.
What is doorknocking?
Pretty much what you think it is – getting out into the community and knocking on doors, and for those who answer, asking if they’d like to have a yarn about what’s important to them and hyping up our gal Tam to be their representative of the Wellington City Council.
If you've been thinking about trying doorknocking but have never done it before, this is the weekend to come along! You'll meet amazing people, and come away with new confidence and skills in connecting with members of our community.