Okay Team of 5 Million: we've done this before and we can do it again. 

Although it's unfortunate we'll have to delay all in-person campaigning until after this weekend, our flaxroots community is strong, and it's more important than ever before to reach out to voters, find out what really matters to them, and encourage them to Party Vote Green!

Instead of meeting people at their doors or in markets this weekend, we'll call them from the comfort of our own personal bubbles. Multiple Zoom sessions will be available throughout the weekend, and full training is provided before each one. All you need is:

-Your own computer

-A strong internet connection

-Headphones with a microphone, or a very quiet room if you're going to use your laptop speakers. 

This event is for the evening session, starting at 4pm. Please arrive on time for training, using this Zoom link: https://1on1english.zoom.us/j/648575340 :)