We get it - it's pretty daunting to talk to strangers.

That's why we're putting on a Community Training Event for our special volunteers (that means YOU) on how to do it.

This training will include: 

  • How to start a campaign conversation
  • Values-based messaging
  • What to do with tricky situations 
  • The pivot 
  • What are the barriers to voting Greens? 
  • Sealing the deal

Basically, it'll give you all you need to get out there and chat to the good people of Rongotai! This training session will be a perfect companion to our many events coming up - especially the Newtown and Hataiatai market stalls on Saturday the 18th of March. 

Our movement is fuelled by people power. Every volunteer with the skills to change hearts and minds means we're one step to turning Rongotai Green!