Join us for pizza as we share with you how we're going to turn Rongotai Green this election - and how you can be part of it!

Rongotai is where I live with my partner and 2 kids, and it’s the community I know and love. But it’s in desperate need of Green solutions to the problems we all face. 

We need better buses that are frequent and reliable. We need to sort out our crumbling housing stock to make sure everyone has a warm and affordable home. And we need to make sure we’re prepared to face the climate crisis, which is already on our doorstep.

This is our moment to act.

Our movement is fuelled by people power, so I need your help to run the biggest campaign we’ve run yet.

Come along to hear how you can be part of the movement that will turn Rongotai Green, or just to find out more about our campaign.