Politics for people, not big money

The Green Party will ensure politics works for everyone.

From healthcare and education, to protecting the environment for future generations, it’s crucial that our democracy represents the diversity of Aotearoa.

While we can be proud of our democracy compared to many other countries, there is no room to be complacent. Successive governments have not done enough to curb the influence of big corporate interests.

The richest few can spend millions trying to influence government decisions, while politicians ignore the Supreme Court ruling that 16 and 17-year-olds should be able to vote.

The Green Party has always fought for a more transparent and fair democracy with te Tiriti o Waitangi as its foundation.

We have achieved some major changes – including allowing Māori to switch electoral rolls at any time, and limiting anonymous political donations.

The time is now to create a more representative democracy by lowering the voting age to 16, reinstating prisoner voting rights, and capping the influence of big money.

Our plan

  • Resource the implementation of Matike Mai recommendations to ensure constitutional arrangements recognise He Whakaputanga o te Rangatiratanga o Niu Tireni and te Tiriti o Waitangi, starting by initiating formal dialogue with iwi, hapū and Māori organisations.
  • Uphold the right to vote by reducing the voting age to 16 in both local and general elections, and extending voting rights to all people in prison.
  • Entrench the Māori electoral seats to guarantee Māori representation in Parliament.
  • Reform electoral funding in line with independent recommendations by the Independent Electoral Review.
  • Strengthen accountability by reforming the Official Information Act and providing greater transparency of political lobbying, including through a lobbyist register and code of conduct.
  • Require civics education in schools and fund adult civics education, run by the Electoral Commission.
  • Explore a Tiriti-based citizens’ assembly to consider other constitutional reform issues including those arising from the Independent Electoral Review, such as a shift to a four-year term, political donations, and public funding of election campaigns.

You can find our full manifesto here