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The Green Party envisions a democratic Aotearoa New Zealand in which:

  • The government asserts its sovereign independence and, in accordance with Te Tiriti o Waitangi, upholds the tino rangitiratanga of Tangata Whenua.
  • There is a proportional electoral system that is transparent and fair.
  • The country is governed by a Parliament that represents the diversity of Aotearoa New Zealand and recognises the inherent dignity and the equitable and inalienable rights and responsibilities of its people.
  • There is active, popular engagement in our democracy and people are able to meaningfully participate in and contribute to government decision-making which impacts on ourselves, our communities, our environment and the generations which will follow us.
  • Our democratic processes are robustly defended from malign interference.
  • Politicians uphold high ethical standards, are open and accountable, and fulfil their public role in the best interests of New Zealand.
  • Aotearoa New Zealand exemplifies transparent, honest, inclusive and consensus-based decision-making

Latest Open and Accessible Government Announcements


New Algorithm Charter a world-first

This Government has today become the first in the world to outline a set of standards to guide the use of algorithms by public agencies. The Minist...
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Democracy, human rights, and te Tiriti of Waitangi

Aotearoa can have a flourishing democracy with te Tiriti o Waitangi as its foundation. We can be proud of our democracy compared to many other coun...
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Green Party welcome Labour signing up to advertising transparency on Facebook

“We welcome Labour joining us in voluntarily opting into new transparency rules for advertising on Facebook”, Green Party Co-leader Marama Davidson...
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Strengthening Democracy (Member's Bill)

This Member's Bill sets out the Green Party’s priorities for strengthening our democracy. Why are we doing this? We're proud of our MMP system and ...
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Transparency Measures for MPs

We have two important new transparency measures to help counter the influence of money in politics.
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Election Access Fund (Member’s Bill)

Chlöe Swarbrick MP's Election Access Fund Bill was written to support disabled people in accessing and participating in elections and standing for ...
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