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Everyone deserves to be able to fully participate in our society. This means recognising the rights of disabled people and making changes to end discrimination.

Nearly one in four people in Aotearoa lives with a disability, and many more of us have a whānau member or close friend who does. Current laws, policies, and social norms mean there are many barriers in the way of disabled people being able to participate fully in society.

The Green Party is committed to an Aotearoa in which all people with impairments can access their full rights, actively participate in their communities, are valued for their abilities and gifts, and lead rich and satisfying lives.

That means recognising the rights of disabled people and making changes to create an inclusive society where everyone can live, work, and learn with dignity.

The Green Party will: 

  • Uphold the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in all policy areas.

  • Reform ACC into an Agency for Comprehensive Care, bringing all health and disability-related income support into a single system to end income support discrimination based on cause of disability.

  • Ensure publicly funded buses and trains are accessible.

  • Reform the Building Code so new houses and buildings are accessible  by design, unless specifically  exempted.

  • Uphold the right of all children to a quality and inclusive education at their local public school.

  • Support people with disabilities to advocate for themselves, and fund advocacy services.

  • Enable employers and employees to make adaptions and obtain equipment and support for people with impairments.

  • Extend the financial support available to disabled political candidates running for Parliament, to include local government candidates.

  • Ensure people with disabilities are protected from abuse, while ensuring appropriate pathways for disclosure, training to help identify and respond appropriately to signs of abuse, and guaranteed accessible services.

  • Reform the Human Rights Act to remove the exception which allows pay discrimination for disabled people.

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