The work we’ve undertaken on ending family violence and sexual violence has been some of the most effective, transformational work done in this Government.

With Green MP Jan Logie in the role of Under-Secretary to the Minister of Justice (Domestic and Sexual Violence Issues), we’ve brought government agencies together at the highest level to take real collective responsibility, and formed a central point of contact for services and organisations to interact with government.

Our joint Budget funding packages have put two-thirds of a billion dollars, over three Budgets, to support frontline services and strategic work, including preventing trauma for children, restoring kaupapa Māori services, ensuring diverse communities’ needs are recognised and included, and supporting people who use violence to change their behaviour.

We’ve passed legislation to update our understanding of the dynamics of family violence, provided workplace protections for victims and their families, and begun to change our sexual violence trials so victims and survivors aren’t re-traumatized by the process.

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