Safe homes and communities where whānau can thrive

The Green Party will make sure everyone can live a life free of violence, and heal from trauma.

Everyone should feel safe in their homes and communities.

Aotearoa has high rates of intimate partner violence, sexual violence, and child abuse. For decades, successive governments failed to support people to feel safe. Essential support services were underfunded, and the underlying causes of violence remained unchanged.

The Green Party is doing things differently. We have introduced Aotearoa’s first-ever plan to create a stronger and more peaceful society, Te Aorerekura.

For the first time, the Government is working directly with communities, tangata whenua, and experts to prevent violence from happening in the first place. When it does, we are making sure those most affected get the support they need to heal.

Violence won’t end overnight. We need a government that will keep taking the steps needed towards a safe Aotearoa for all. The time is now to prioritise kaupapa Māori approaches, and better support those experiencing violence, whilst supporting people who use violence to change their behaviour.

Our vision is an Aotearoa where everyone feels safe and supported.

Our plan

  • Address the root causes of family violence and sexual violence, including child abuse and neglect, by continuing to implement Te Aorerekura (the national strategy for the elimination of family violence and sexual violence).
  • Enable communities to lead the response to prevention of and healing from violence, in particular through well-resourced services designed by and for communities, in the way that is most effective for their needs.
  • Prioritise kaupapa Māori solutions to violence as recommended by the Family Violence Death Review Committee.
  • Improve workforce and broader public understanding of the drivers of violence, and how to identify signs that family violence is occurring – including signs of trauma – and how to respond in ways that enhance safety and healing.
  • Amend the definition of consent in the Crimes Act in relation to sexual violation to affirm that consent must be free and voluntary, and can be withdrawn at any time; and preclude a defence of reluctant consent.
  • Provide education on healthy relationships, managing emotions, and affirmative consent in all schools.
  • Reform the justice system to ensure that legal proceedings do not retraumatise victims and survivors, including through the Family Court and the Immigration and Protection Tribunal.
  • Invest in tailored specialist and whānau-centred prevention, healing, recovery, and restoration services, for victims and survivors; as well as services to support those who have used violence, to take accountability and change their behaviour.

You can find our full manifesto here.