Our vision is a climate-friendly Aotearoa that honours Te Tiriti and meets the needs of everyone within the boundaries of the planet, so that we and the rest of nature can thrive.

We are proud of the progress we have made.

Over the last six years we have taken more action on climate change than the previous three decades of governments combined, secured the biggest-ever boost in funding to protect native plants and animals, and delivered New Zealand’s first-ever plan to eliminate family violence and sexual violence. We have had big Green wins in areas like rainbow issues, alcohol regulation, seabed mining, and electoral reform.

But the pace of change is too slow.

A vote for the Greens puts more Green MPs around the decision making table where we can truly shape the direction of the next Government. A Government that will take bold action to build a cleaner, fairer future for all of us.

Outlined in these pages is our plan to make it happen. With more Green MPs we can build a future where all of our energy needs are met by clean power; where the land has healed and wildlife thrives; and where everyone has a liveable income and an affordable home to make their own - all paid for with a fair tax system. Download the PDF version here. 

James Shaw and Marama Davidson Signature


You can find a large print, screen-reader friendly copy of our 2023 Manifesto here. You can find links to spoken recordings of our 2023 Manifesto here. You can find an Easy Read version of our 2023 Manifesto here. You can find a Braille version of our 2023 Manifesto here.