The good people of Epsom understand the need to address the growing climate change crisis. You can see this by the increasing numbers of solar panels on roofs and electric cars and e-bikes travelling up and down Mt Eden & Remuera Roads.

Personally, I've lived in Epsom for many years, and love this community.

As a flax roots organisation, the Green Party's campaign relies on small donations from people who share our values. We don't accept large donations from corporates and industries with vested interests. The same is true for my campaign for Epsom, and every dollar counts.

If you would like to like to volunteer to help our campaign in Epsom, please click the button below:

Our supporters want a strong Green heart at the centre of future Governments so we can go further and faster on the issues that matter to everybody. Help me turn Epsom Green.

You can get in touch with Kyle at [email protected]