Government and democracy must be clean, transparent, accessible, and fair.

Politicians should be transparent and uphold high ethical standards

  • MPs should sign up to a code of conduct, incorporated in Parliament’s Standing Orders.
  • There should be a statutory register of lobbyists and strong guidelines for communication between MPs and lobbyists.
  • Ministers should publish lists of all organisations consulted during the development of all new legislation.
  • Cabinet decisions and minutes should be published within a month, or as soon as possible if there is a good reason not to publish them within a month.

The electoral system should be fair and result in a representative Parliament

  • Parliament’s makeup should reflect the people of Aotearoa New Zealand.
  • MMP should only be modified in line with recommendations from an independent commission, such as reducing the party vote threshold and removing the “coat tails” rule.
  • A referendum should be required to change to a different electoral system.
  • The Maori seats should be entrenched. Local councils should include Maori representation.
  • There should be a fixed election date, decided in consultation with the public.

Government and Political donations should be transparent and open

  • Campaign finance rules should be reviewed and improved, including considering the activities of groups that are not political parties and partial public funding of political parties.
  • There should be tighter limits on anonymous donations, a ban on overseas donations (except from New Zealanders living overseas), and an annual limit of $35,000 on annual donations from any one person or organisation.
  • The responses to all Official Information Act (OIA) requests should be published online.
  • The Ombudsman should be resourced to support citizens’ ability to hold the Government to account.

Local government should apply the same levels of transparency as central government

  • Councils should publish all resource consent applications and decisions, council minutes and order papers, and video of all council meetings and committee meetings.
  • Councillors’ pecuniary interests should be registered and disclosed, along with a list of all people, consultants, and organisations providing services to the council.
  • The source of all local council campaign donations over $500 should be disclosed.
  • Changes to the Official Information Act outlined above should also apply to the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act.


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