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ACC needs to be a fair system that is there for all New Zealanders to get help when they need it.

A publicly owned ACC should ensure world-class treatment, rehabilitation, and compensation for all New Zealanders, promoting quality of life and ethical investment.

ACC should remain publicly owned

  • Pay-as-you-go funding with a mix of general taxation and predictable levies should encourage the best possible outcomes for clients, not the best financial outcome for ACC.
  • ACC’s focus on injury prevention should be strengthened and coordinated with other preventative health programmes.

ACC should aim to restore quality of life

  • Rehabilitation to the greatest extent practicable should be the priority, helping claimants return to their pre-injury life as much as possible.
  • Compensation must fairly reflect earning capacity and enable quality of life, with fair assessments made for temporary and seasonal workers.
  • Compensation should be treated the same way as other income for the purposes of income-tested benefits.

Coverage should be broad and comprehensive

  • Physical, mental injuries should be covered, as well as injuries that worsen pre-existing conditions.
  • Injuries and illnesses due to overuse of harmful chemicals in the workplace, occupational overuse injuries, and injuries or illnesses as a result of medical treatment should be covered.

ACC must be client-focused and accountable to the public

  • ACC should be open and involve its clients in decision-making, including choosing assessors and specialists.
  • We support creating an independent ACC Ombudsman to deal with complaints and investigations.
  • We would develop a nationwide network of skilled claimant advocates to ensure that claimants receive their entitlements.

ACC should invest ethically, moving away from a profit-based insurance model

  • ACC should not invest in enterprises that increase rates of injury, illness or that have adverse social or environmental effects. This includes not investing in weapons and fossil fuels.

If you're looking for our Poverty Action Plan, which includes Reforming ACC to become the Agency for Comprehensive Care you can find it here


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